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28 May 23
29 May 23

Dining & Catering

Experience the Best of Local & International Cuisine in One of Our 8 Top Restaurants

The Carlton al Moaibed Hotel offers diners a wide selection of exotic, oriental and European culinary delights to tempt the senses.

Our chefs cook only with the freshest ingredients, transforming them into creative dishes that burst with flavor.

For more information, peruse our list of restaurants.

Bring Our Exceptional Cuisine Directly to Your In-House or Off-Site Events

Whenever you request professional event management with the emphasis on personalized service and tailored menus, Carlton event team will be at your service.

We offer themed menus and customized selections to suit client dietary requirements and budgets. 

We also cater for off-site events at chambers of commerce, oil and gas companies, ministries, corporations, banks, hospitals, universities, factories, and residences. Catering services include the provision of all banqueting equipment, transportation, and waiters. 

To request a service from our catering department, please email us at res@carltonalmoaibedhotel.com or fill out an inquiry.